Gio Intimates by Gabi Vilela

Gabi Vilela – Founder Gio Intimates

Lingerie in the 2021 is available in an unlimited variety. There is a different type of lingerie for every occasion and to some extent, it has never been this good. However, I always had a
feeling it could be even better.

Personally, I have always been a lover of beautiful, quality lingerie. Unfortunately, like many other woman, I struggled to find lingerie that fitted me, and also providing lasting comfort whilst
also helping to make me look and feel great about my body.

I’m sure most woman can relate to the utmost disappointment I used to feel each and every time when I purchased a lingerie piece I loved, which was not as comfortable on my body as I
had hoped it would be. This is the reality for many.

I firmly believe, this is something women should never have to experience. There is no reason why we must sacrifice comfort to be able to wear the lingerie we love. We can have both
comfort and aesthetics from our lingerie!

Quite often you will hear women say they are more comfortable when they finally get to remove their lingerie after the day is done. This confession is an indictment on the industry which focuses on aesthetics to the detriment of comfort.

This is why I started Gio Intimates in 2015 with this problem as the foundational premise. It was
my intention to create a lingerie line that not only maintained the best quality of aesthetics but
feels comfortable enough that women do not look forward to finally being rid of them every day.

I want to save millions of women out there, who, just like me, have had one too many disappointments over a lingerie they truly wanted. Each lingerie is meticulously designed by me,
and I run the production line until it gets to your door.

Originally from Goiania, Brazil I moved to the United Kingdom in 2019. I thought there was no
reason why I could not bring the luxury of a well-made lingerie which places the comfort of its
wearers behind every fabric, every thread, to this country having operated in Brazil successfully
for many years.

Gio Intimate UK officially launched in November 2020 with the goal of revolutionising lingerie in
the United Kingdom.

Why Pay Attention To Us?

Gio Intimates is specifically optimised towards solving a precise problem. Every piece of ou
lingerie from a single thread, to the fabrics and colour, are all optimised to achieve the goal of
providing maximum comfort whilst maintaining modern aesthetics and design.Our fit is exceptional and the colour combination of our designs are aimed to impress. All our sets are produced only once, without replacement and are always produced with high quality materials for exclusivity.

At Gio Intimates, we have something for every woman with body types taken into full
consideration. With the fluidity and personal management of our production line, customisations
are also accommodated.

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